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  1. Hi there can you please hep clear up some confusion. My husband has gone 100% Alkaline and is following Dr Sebi. Everything that I am reading says that too much Alkaline can cause Alkalosis and that is dangerous. Is this true? I dont understand. Can you be too Alkaline? Please help.

  2. I just sub and thanks for this super tease video so short. I will look at the other videos you have I know it's more potent stuff to come….

  3. Hi SojournHonduras1, Did you show the big yellow bananas by mistake in the video? Are the ones on the list small yellow bananas and also the red ones, can you be more specific on that. Also I wonder if Dr. Sebi knew about the ancient wheats as far back as Einkorn and Emmer? I know spelt is ancient as well but the latter two I mention goes further in history from what I been reading. thankyou.

  4. Thanks for the upload, and I can see in the comments that you already answered my question regarding more healthy food.
    Great work SojournHonduras1 for keeping the vibe alive .

  5. Actually Dr. Sebi said bananas are hybrid and that only the miniature bananas are the natural/alkaline ones.

  6. What's the difference between spelt and semolina ? Is semolina less good ? Should I change it to spelt

  7. Organic Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar is very close to the same acidity as stomach acid so it draws helpful minerals out of greens and helps kill bad chemicals in food and water. Aline the mind to alkaline. One love

  8. i am from India and most of those foods mentioned on nutritional guide of dr sebi is not available in india.
    can u recommend some indian electric food?

  9. must be careful though people your body needs alkaline high diet from earbs and veggies, but your stomach needs to be acidic like 70 or 80 percent of bodies immune system is in your gut. don't want and alkaline gut.

  10. That's all processed food. I eat the Kamut in its seed form. Just cook it like oat meal. Also the spelt has been ground up and put into a box.I will take the bananas.And what ingredients is in that coconut milk?

  11. Eggs are protein dense and packed with fatty acids needed for proper brain function, eggs also contain essential vitamins and minerals like biotin, choline and vitamin D. Biotin, a necessary nutrient for energy metabolism, occurs naturally in raw egg yolks. Once you cook it, it will break down, so you want to eat poached or over-easy to get the best biotin content. Eating raw egg whites alone binds up biotin. Cooking eggs at high temperatures oxidize the cholesterol in the yolk. You absorb more protein by eating the yolk. Eggs are packed with choline, a nutrient that boosts the brain's ability to relay commands to the rest of your body while also maintaining the structure of your brain's cell membranes. Eggs pack heavy loads of cysteine, an amino acid that can break down toxins your body hasn't.

  12. How do I learn more about Dr. Sebi diet ? So he believes you can cook food and you can continue healing or is this part of a maintenance program ? I have watched a few videos and I saw the chart of foods but is there some where he gets deeper into how to do this ? Thank you Sojourn!

  13. Hey there, the very best results that I have ever had was with Adams fat code (you can find it on google). Without a doubt the most helpful diet that I have ever tried.

  14. Compare Sebi's Alkaline diet with:

    The Greson diet: organic vegetable and fruit based, restricts mushrooms, cucumbers, berries and rice. adds enemas
    The Budwig diet: (1950s) multiple daily servings of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, as well as vegetables, fruits and juices.
    The Barbara O'neill diet: Fresh veggies and friuts vegan diet
    The Arnold Ehret mucus-free diet vegan based diet

    The bases for all are detox (enamas or herbs) and consuming fresh vegetable base diet. All are similar and all stress detox.

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