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  1. I like this guy, but he is plain wrong on the sugar/fat thing. Fat has no insulin response, Sugar does. No insulin response then no fat stored. So do no sugar and all fat and you'll lose weight. (if you havent already, google ketosis)

  2. These kind of doctors are too deep in the matrix to see the ultimate solution to overall health. Dr. Bob has a lot of knowledge, I like this guy, but I would like him even more if he did himself and the world the favor of going Fruit & Plant-Based High Carb low fat Vegan. Blessings to all ~ and help me and all the Whole Fruit & Plant-based High Carb Low Fat Sun worshipping Vegans save the Planet and all sentient beings in it.

  3. The reason Dr. Bob put on extra weight, and still looks a bit chubby, is due to his eating eggs, meat, and dairy.

  4. That's so true. My Wife doesn't help me at all and my willingness to get better is suffering. I know better but when she offers me food sure Dear instead of I'm not hungry. He's absolutely correct.

  5. Ok, I enjoyed the information, but I gotta say something about his Black Forest comment; THE BLACK FOREST IS IN GERMANY!!! I live in Germany and the view from my apartment is the Black Forest, which is located in the state of Baden-Württenberg. He probably confused his facts about the chocolate. The name comes from an American whose last name was German and there's no such thing as "German chocolate cake" or "German Black Forest cake" in Germany. There is a Black Forest cake, but German is not part of its name.

  6. Insurance companies want you to be in super perfect health, so you spend your life paying them and never use them lol

  7. Woman's body already has the fat loss hormone, all you have to do is to make your weight loss hormone working, this method called Metabolic Override. After that, you can get rid of fat easily without restricting the foods you crave most

  8. A single pound of body weight is about 3500 calorie. So if you need to lose 1lb you need to lose 3500 calorie. If you cut down 500 calorie per day,since you can't go too much below 2000-2500 calorie per day, in 7 days, you only lose 2500 calories in 1 week, and so it would take you 40 weeks, or almost 1 year, to lose 30 lbs. You're not seeing results fast enough, and so you will probably give up. If you fast on water for 5 days, and then eat for a week, and then fast for 10 days after that, you will switch from burning glucose to burning fat. In the ICE age, people didn't always have a meal. We sometimes went to bed hungry. So when you take a week off and fast you will burn 10 lbs in 1 week. This calorie counting/portion control is not effective.

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  14. Calories counting and working out to lose weight is unsustainable and not correct. We got it all wrong. We should eat normal clean food that we always ate, like meat with plenty of fat (saturated – not vegetable oils), little nutrient-dense carbs loaded with butter, and vegetables, cooked with butter or coconut, etc., min. sweets. High fat, low carbs, normal vegetable diet will take care of cravings and satisfy all your body needs. Forget about calories and don't believe in cholesterol myth.

  15. Sugar is like a drug. You can be abstinent but taking just one bite of it will knock u off *lol* That's why I am so amazed how well it's working out for you,dude.

  16. Thanks buddy, for answering that fast and for your advices!
    Yes,used to do it exactly like this and also made the fantastic experience that almost everything u buy at the supermarket becomes acutall to sweet for you. I loved it. Gave me the feeling of living very healthy. Nevertheless, taking a small taste of chocolate or other sweets were enough for me to lead to huge sugar cravings which led almost every time to a chocolate binge (not only 1 chocolate *lol*).

  17. Well at first it`s hard. But 1 chocolate a week is no biggie. After the third month, I rarely had cravings and they diminish over time even more. I used to love Pepsi. Now it`s too sweet for me and I don`t like it. The same with other sweet foods.
    I get my sugar mostly from fruits and honey. U can substitute white for brown sugar and gradually lower the intake and portions over time till eliminate them at all (if that`s your goal). I didn`t become disciplined all at once, but gradually!

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