White vs Brown Rice — Which is Healthier? | Guru Mann | Health And Fitness

The nutrition values of brown rice far outweigh those of white rice. The next time you have the pick between the two, make the healthy decision and choose brown rice.

Watch the video and share your Feedback in Comment Below.

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  1. the reason for the use of white rice in most of the houses of india is that most of the families can't afford brown rice .we bought white rice at a cost of around rs 20-30 /kg and brown rice available in the Indian market at a price of rs 70-80 /kg

  2. sir already its 5mounths.but i didnt had any improvements.. why?? any advice plz

  3. guru bhai can u please make a video about muscle imbalance. I feel like my weaker side is quite bigger than other. I'll really appreciate it if you do it…. and thanks for really good uploads ur videos are really helpful. 👍

  4. Can you make video on "brown bread vs roti" does brown bread spike the insulin level? I find myself hard to digest roti than brown bread so I consume Britannia 100% whole wheat bread. does it cause insulin spike??

  5. guru bhai thanks for the information but kittni hairaani ki baat hai ki if we go to purchase brown rice instead of white it is much expensive aisa kyu , jab koi processing hi nai karni then why they are taking more price.

  6. wasup guys this is guru maan aj mein apko btaunga ki khada kese hota hai muth kese mari jaati hai😂😂😂

  7. thanks, its very helpful, thanks for sharing all this information, apprantely we owe you.

  8. bhai loose motion me fitness bahut drop ho gyi hai kaise recover kiya jai

  9. being a vegetarian i have problems getting 170-180 gms protein per day.any solution?? i cant afford whey protein.

  10. but sir i have one doubt, rarely white rice is consumed as it is, very often its consumed either with dal which is protein or with veggies which supplements the lost fibre and minerals, so dont do they have any role in preventing insulin spike?

  11. great work mann saab, lagge raho, keep telling us more about food we eat, and please tell us about the dr oetker peanut butter

  12. Does finasteride tablet (for hair loss) which blocks the conversion of testosterone to dht affects muscle growth?
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thank You

  13. Sir. can I use wheat chapati with peanut butter?…. to avoid wheat bread

  14. sir plz review on protein scoop whey it 42 g protein per serving plz tell me this real or fake

  15. sir I am puneet I want to ask certain questions regarding to health and fitness actually sir I am doing continue workout but sir my biceps size does not grow what we do to grow biceps size . plz .. sir tell .

  16. Ultimate bro science.. Check on the internet what is the difference in nutritional value. It is the same. Brown rice has extra fibre. But that fibre you can take it from other foods. have you heard of #iifym ? You will have diabetes with brown rice too.

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