Thursday – Abs & Cardio | LEAN MODE by Guru Mann | Health and Fitness

LEAN MODE is a 8 week fat melting program based on Strength and Endurance especially designed by Guru Mann for you guys.With complete fat melting recipes (VEG/NON VEG)..
LEAN MODE Workout Plan

LEAN MODE Nutrition Plan (Veg & Non-Veg)
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  1. Sir in your routine cardio speed is 6-7 mph but in the video u are saying 10-12 which shud i follow?

  2. what's the alternative of woodchopper exercise, by gym has no woodchopper machine….plz help me

  3. Sir Please Reply me That Can i do Skipping Rope instead of running.Will it Help to burn fat like d way running does and will it help to make my abs n obliques n seratus n intercostal musles.please make a video i requested u before too sir.I saw d benefits of skipping on net as well but i want your review sir coz "if you have The best then why to c d reSt"
    Thank Yo sir!!! ur mY mOtivation😘😇

  4. sir, there is no back excercise in your lean mode plan. should we don't do that in this plan?

  5. sir, there is no back excercise in your lean mode plan. should we don't do that in this plan?

  6. should I take water while running over treadmill ,or I have to come to rest ….please suggest

  7. Excellent Exercises all of them..actually the top most n effected..keep the good work up mate

  8. all i can say whatever info u give is so simple and not complicated & very understanding..cheers Bro

  9. sir in wood chopper excercise hame cabel ka angel kitna rakhna hai and isse dono side karna hai yr 1 side

  10. hi bro…I want to ask,I have been following ur training from ur website for weight lost(BEGGINER)..
    but its has 3 days strenght training and 1 day cardio…
    but im free everyday..can I do my cardio(cycling) everyday morning 8am…and then evening strenght training monday to wednesday…and thursday to saturday I repeat the same strenght training..means two rounds in one week…all exercises follow as ur weight lost training(BEGGINER)..
    will I lose weight that way?
    ur advice will be much appreciated..thanks :)

  11. sir i have done with six week shreeeded program…..can i go now with dis program???

  12. I've been diagnosed as an IBS patient lately could i still hit the gym

    as lOng as i was working out my weight was content but i lost almost 10lbs since i left the gym

  13. Can i do my cardio on bike(bicycle)?
    Cardio= 5mins warm up first, 15 mins non-stop running and 5 mins cool down. Am i right Sir?

  14. Hi….friend ….this rihan sahani certified from indian trainer GURU MANN'S SIR KA STUDENT…GOOD BYE GUYS and take care. Sorry sir aapka thoda sa dialogue copy ker rha tha . Aapne question ka answer nhi diya…jeb tk nhi dey ge her video me phuchuga aap se yehu question…bye bye

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