Meal : Post Workout Drink | Guru Mann ‘Pure Mass’ Program | Health and Fitness

Gulshan Kumar presents ‘Pure Mass’ Program – Guru Mann’s 8 weeks Mass Building Program.

Meal : Post Workout Drink



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  1. guru maan g its Ali here. plz give me ur mail id aur any contact I want some suggestions. ..

  2. if someone does not want to eat supplements then there is an alternate or not

    – via YTPak(.com)

  3. Please review on the Nitric Oxide product. what exactly it does? what is the best time to take and for which body typz. Thank You

  4. ppl please understand he dosent care about u he just wants to sell the damn products..offcorse this hens are eating the same feed in poultry so the nutrition value are the same only the colour difference but he dosent knows that the hens who lay brown eggs in wild or outside in barn have their eggs more nutritious even it tastes a lot difference he just wanted to make a stupid video about something.. did his 8th class study on goohle about eggs…just listen to his gauwala english tryin to do a accent ..he thinks he will learn to talk like americans do… his brain is small and his wrist ppl its marketing of produucts ..patanjali shit lol even big companies in usa are still struggling to make a proper diet supplement and patanjali shit is coming up with shit supplement adding indian turmeric and leaves

  5. guru mann sir you don'r suggest indian brand protein please review tarun gill protein they also provide lab reports with it

  6. Gatorade,creatine and whey protein ek saath Lena hai or
    Gatorade+ creatine and whey protein…

  7. Creatine takes many hours if not days to absorb by the body as it transforms ADP to ATP (energy for muscles). Taking it after the work out wont make it go inside the fibres as you said.

  8. hello sir I am 120kg and working out hard to loose weight. I have lost 15 kgs in last 4-5 months. should I take whey isolate post workout?

  9. Sir Plzzz Tell me…. Inhe Mix Kese Karna Hai.???? Gatorade, Whey Protein, Creatin, Banana

    Plzzz Tell Me

  10. U shud've specified whether to mix whey protein wid creatin.. Dis is really bad sir !!
    I read each n every comment hoping for an answer but nobody replied to dis same question asked by many ppl

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