MASS UP – SUPPLEMENT STACK (Pre & Post) | Designed & Created by Guru Mann

E-Book PDF:
It’s Time To GROW ­č嬭čĆ╝

It’s 12 weeks Muscle Mass Building program which is divided into 2 Phases;
­čö╗PHASE-1 for Strength
­čö╗PHASE-2 for Endurance
­čö╗Killer Workout Split
­čö╗Proper Nutrition plan to gain Muscle
­čö╗Powerful and Delicious recipes
­čö╗Supplement Stack

E Book PDF:

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  1. Any best supplement for fat loss i have alredy try caffin.bcaa.cla.omega3.nitric acid(no) . Carnitine. But still 16.5 %body fat´╗┐

  2. Hey Guru Maan! I have started the Mass Up program, seems good. I always enjoy your videos and like the advice cause you give the solid truth.

    I'm using a C4 gen 4 pre workout, and it gave me great pumps in the first week of using it. Now I don't feel it much, I don't feel the itchiness/jitters as much either.
    I would like to know what you have to say about that, any tips on how to take a pre workout and if I should take on empty stomach.. or if you would be kind enough to make a video on it I would really appreciate it as it cost me too much of money and don't wanna let it waste!

    Thanks for your time! :)´╗┐

  3. Pre w/o – Coffee with hot water.
    During w/o – BCAA's with cold water
    Post w/o – 2 Banana and 1sp Whey protein┬áwith cold water

    Sir, is it ok for pre and post workout drink ?´╗┐

  4. @GuruMann #GuruMann Sir, mera weight 55kg hai to kya mujhe 220grm Protein leni chahiye, as per " Mass-Up Diet plan" yaa isko mai adha kar du means 110grm, please guide /´╗┐

  5. Give me solution I have whey protien for post work and I also have bcaa supp but I dont have preworkout then how I manage pre workout in cofee and bcaa´╗┐

  6. Thank you for sharing massup videos& pdf ebook.. sir, i am daily doing cardio but my lowest part of belly not loose now.. whats diet before cardio or after.. plz share´╗┐

  7. Sir mara biceps bhut hard h exercise karte time bhut dikat ate h pain jyda hota h me kya karu jise biceps kam hard Ho or reps jyda lge´╗┐

  8. Sir mare body ache par abs nahi h me konsa program add karu jise mare abs bhe a jye or size bhe bad jye and konsa suplement use karu´╗┐

  9. sir mere pass muscle teck brand ka mass teck supplement hai usme protein carb,cretin,bccas hai to kya ye product ok hai or ye kab lena chahiye pre workout post workout ya dono me le sakta hu sir plz reply´╗┐

  10. Very good info Guru bhai.
    along with this can you please tell if any multivitamin or like that supplements needed.
    I was checking in Amazon and saw a multivitamin from MuscleXP. Ingredient label was ok ok. Can you check that and tell if it's good? People are commenting that it's a good brand and an Indian brand. And it's RDA is according to Indian Standards and multivitamins like muscletech, on etc have too much of Vitamins and minerals excess of which goes waste with urine. is it true? Please reply.´╗┐

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