Biggest Gym Mistakes People Do | Health and Fitness Tips | Guru Mann | Workout Tips

Guru Mann – The certified fitness expert tells the biggest mistakes which people do while working out. Check out the health and fitness tips video by guru mann and let us know your thoughts about it!!


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  1. Legs training needs 2 times more concentration than arms..
    5 times more strength than arms..
    and 10 times more guts and pain bearing capacity than arms..

    Thats why people always skip lower half..

  2. More than 90% of the guys in my gym have excuses for their leg training..

    # Legs? no i ain't do them…
    # Legs? no my legs are ok.. no need to train them..
    # Legs? My height will remain short if i train legs..
    # Legs? No man.. Our body looks nice with average looking lower half..
    # Legs? I'll start very soon when my back will become stronger..

    and the masterpiece..
    # Yeah, yeah, yeah.. i train my legs weekly and today is the schedule but you know.. There is a party tonight/ tomorrow.. And i can'd dance properly if i train my lower today.. So.. Next week..

  3. hi guru mann,
    i am ur biggest fan. u re my idol. i am following ur diet plan, exercises and i am getting results.
    please tell me one question i was suffering from subscapularis problem in shoulder from last 3 months and now from next week i am starting my gym .
    tell me which exercises i should?

  4. गुरु सर प्लीज p6 preworkout के बारे में कुछ बताये एक वीडियो में।please sir

  5. hi guru Mann
    I'm 16 and weight 135 lbs
    I'm taking on serious mass in morning , whey gold standard as pre and post workout but and I workout 2 times a day but I haven't gained any muscle weight and lost 4 lbs in last month

  6. i am one of your fans… i follow u… and a huge thank you… for Everything you did…

    how can i contact you..?? i have to share my photo…please provide your email ID..or any alternate.. i want to ask something for my fitness… *regarding chest* i need suggestion….please help me…

  7. Make some workout videoes for people who dont go to gym.workout with dumbles and rods at home.

  8. I'm going gym since 4 month before that my weight was 98kg and now 82kg now I want a good lean body what should I do brother I take protein supplements to how much time it take to have a good body can u suggest me something for my good it would be helpful

  9. Hello sir I m prasad from India and I m 22. Yr old but still I don't have muscular body sir Plz help me out for the beginner steps towards muscle development 

  10. Hello sir I m prasad from India I m 22 yr old but I don't have that much of muscular body sir Plz help me out for my beginning steps towards muscle development Plz 

  11. sir u r the only indian whi can be followed… i follow u because u have a great physic and the most important ur indian..and i think every region have a different body type

  12. Sir is there any way to buy or get your whole package of 6 week shred program

  13. and please tell people about over training. i see people in the gym for hours and hours

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