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  1. maine aapse sir isi type ka hi qust pucha tha ….. but aapki ye video nhi dekhi … my fault
    tysm sir
    maine whey protein n fish oil le lia bus multi vitamin baki h leena…. ab buy krunga
    tysm sir

  2. please tell me about natural testosterone booster ? should one take it ? and that are available on like evltest from evlution nutrition and do they have steriod compound or something mixed in it ?

  3. hi thanks for all videos, just want to ask how can I decide what is the quantity (protein,carb,fibre,calaries) that I can take according to my weight

  4. is any alternate supplements is there rather than this products? like home supplements because these products are very costly some people cannot afford this.

  5. @gurumann veer. thankss a lot for multi vitamins information . next time u come to india kindly let me know plz plz plz. tnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I am a beginner n I am taking these 3 supplements but should I take BCAA with these n when should I take it…I usually work in the morning n sometimes in the afternoon

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