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  1. Totally get it. Had a similar story, body building saved me. I was a Dancer and didn't eat any protein. Just popcorn, salads and veggies, and icee's lol. "Healthy! I was 99 lbs and worked out a ton! About 40 hours a week. I started to work at a gym and the body builders taught me how to eat and food is our friend! Love you girl! Xo

  2. Hi! Love your channel! You said you're a dietetics major, are you a Dietitian!? Love finding fellow dietitians in the fitness industry!

  3. I enjoy watching these, seeing how people got to how they are. I'm sorry you went through those tough times when you were younger. I'm sure you and your family are very proud of how far you have come since that girl who went on an elliptical for 20 minutes and then thinking she looked skinnier immediately afterwards! I really enjoy your videos and you are so beautiful and fit. Keep up the amazing work Taylor as you are currently prepping for Junior Nationals.

  4. loved hearing your story…seemed super intense and idk, just crazy to hear that you went through that obession. You should post some b4 & after photos! I saw one on your instagram, but you should really post more. I think it would be very inspiring. also, your first cardio experience was absolutely hilarious

  5. oh my god totally not boring😮 I can totally relate to what you said about your anxiety about "health and exercise" that was me too😕 but I'm glad we've gotten through it and you've become a big inspiration for me 😇😊 thank you and keep it up!

  6. Did you lose your period when you started lose weight and ate very clean? Because that happened to me when I started exercising and eating clean even though my body looked ''normal''. I became underweight and lost my period. But now I eat healthy and enjoy ''unhealthy'' foods when I wan't, like when I'm with friend and I've gained to a healthy weight and I'm only do weight lifting. But still my period haven't come back, do you have any advice?

  7. Hey guys check out my YouTube channel I'm starting a fitness journey ! I just posted my first video :)

  8. thank you for sharing your story:) I feel the same about the healthy snacks, I love it but everyone else is like your such a health nut haha

  9. This was exactly how my diet was last year but I did eat protein lol… But now I'm finally getting to really enjoy my fitness journey. Keep doing what you're doing I really enjoy watching you ☺️☺️

  10. love love love your videos. I could watch them over & over!! What camera are you using to record? I love the fisheye effect

  11. Hi Taylor! I just stumbled upon your page, and im really glad i did! Thank you for sharing your story. we have a crazy amount of things in common. I grew up in a really healthy household, and had a mom who was a past competitor as well! i was always around the gym and fitness lifestyle and loved it, getting started working out myself around the same age as you. I got more serious in high school, and became obsessive when my dad lost his job. just like you said, it was the only thing i felt like i could control. now I'm in college pursuing a Dietetics major and plan to compete for the first time after I graduate. I am in a really happy place enjoying the things I like to while perusing the fitness goals that I have. sorry for the long post but i just cant believe how similar our stories are! Anyway, you have an amazing physique, and your determination and persistence are admirable. I hope to do as well as you have. good luck on your journey and I'm excited to see where you go!

    best wishes,
    Deanna :)

  12. ah taylor i loved and enjoyed watching this! I actually did my story a few weeks ago but haven't had the chance to edit it! (hopefully will get it up in the next few weeks) it's so empowering to see women lifting and treating their body right (:

  13. Thanks for sharing your story Taylor! Totally appreciate the realness, only makes it better to watch! Just started my page as well. Keep doing your thing!

  14. It's so cool that both your parents competed! What great motivation to see that growing up. You should get your parents in a video and talk about their experience 😃

  15. Nice you made the video! Thank you for sharing your story! Haha nothing wrong with being a health freak in Hs and honestly to think about it nothings wrong with taking out a bag of almonds in class either aha. If I saw girl take out almonds then I'd be like wow good for her haha. It's cause I feel like this generation is really much more into the fitness era and into getting fit so nothings ever wrong with someone who lives the fitness lifestyle cause. Really inspiring story and should definitely keep making fitness videos. Do you look up to any bikini competitors or have any idols?

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