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  1. This is good stuff. My manager is a vitamin/mineral fanatic. One of the kitchen cabinets in our kitchen looks like an apothecary…and yes there's green coffee bean. I think I'll try it today and let you know how it works. Thanks for the tips!

  2. how long do you recommend taking the coffee bean and colon cleanse together for desired results?

  3. I Googled "Green Coffee Cleanse" having to do with this bean and overall poor reviews. I looked at 3 sites with reviews by users, including WebMD. Why so poor of reviews, if this is so great? I am skeptical person, so why?

  4. hi ive got a bottle of green coffee cleanse and ive tried to look it it up on line and cant find any thing about it it was a free trial can tell me if its safe to take as im diabetic and have a heart condition and a pace maker  ho safe  is it for me to take 

  5. Hi just seen your video and I bought a bottle of green coffee extract which says in the back of the bottle 808mg amount por serving and it also says 50% chlorogenic acids can you tell me if its all right this brand that I bought because over here in Puerto Rico did not see yet the brands you showed, so can you help me here, please thank you for your information.

  6. Great video Shane. Never heard of Green coffee bean over here in England but I will check it out. Thanks 

  7. I'm reading the label 3 capsules per day before your morning meal does this mean u take all three in the morning. I'm not seeing the results I want. Can u please help??

  8. If I use Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract and just any colon cleanse you're telling me that I will loose weight?

    I heard if you use a Garcinia Cambogia and the Cleanse it works better.

  9. Waste away and genisus gcbe was fined and sued for not haveing any gcbe in there product lol meaning it was a placebo, please try doing research into company's before buying product

  10. So I'm just now reading about the green coffee bean and just heard you mention the colon cleanse. I was wondering is using the colon cleanse really better for you then using psyllium seed husk and papaya seed extract? I've used the pnp combo before and it worked very well. It was a laxative feeling at all just seemed to cause a "natural" bowel movement.

  11. So is it okay to take an overall 3-4 pills per day with a combination of green coffee and colon cleanser? because i bought both and the directions say on both bottles to take 2 per day, and i've been taking 1 of each per day because i didn't wanna risk any bad health side effects or anything :p 

  12. I just want to lose about 20 to 30 pounds. I just bought the14 day trial. What should I do next? Should I buy the cleanser as well?

  13. Thanks for the quick response. Do you know if there are m risks for nursing mothers and children? My little one is 11 months old and is only nursing to go to bed. I've been doing a lot of research and some doctors are saying there isn't a large amount of coffee to create issues. However, is there anything else about the pure coffee bean extract that could harm my child?

  14. Hey there. You mentioned the number of pills to take (take 2 instead of 3/day). But a lot of the pills have different mg (400 vs 800). What is the most effective dosage? I currently have a bottle that contains 400 mg per capsule.

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