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  1. I have been trying this for 2 months now….it's a good remedy for gallstones…and it seems to be working as I haven't had any attacks since!!……..I was extremely worried about having to have my gallbladder out but now it's on hold as gallstones are getting smaller! I drink this first thing every morning, go on give it a go if you are worried about the same problem. Another remedy is pure aloe vera juice!

  2. I use apple cider for lots of drinks but it is best with water for cleaning. the apple juice has sugar…so if you follow this recipe..use homemade apple juice or no sugar added…this is such a sweet couple from the southeast of the USA …great job…

  3. Lol, my hub and I have those glasses! Love them! The bottom cane off of one, a very clean separation, and I discovered that it's a candle holder that's glued on! Lol! I can easily put it back! 

  4. I love you guys. You're so inspiring. I am definitely trying this and the cocktail one as well.

  5. This is the first video that actually makes since to making apple cider taste good! I think I will be trying this!

  6. mmm…i'm gonna try it…i love your apple cider vinegar coctail video too…i have two of them a day and i've lost three pounds since using this wonderful product…thank you for sharing with us :-)…

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