Ripped and shredded, ready to do battle – three of the world’s most finely tuned male physiques compete for the WBFF Male Fitness model title in Las Vegas.
Justin Gonzalez – reigning champion, from Charleston, S Carolina, defending his title. Shaun Stafford – World Champion 2012, still smarting from his defeat last year. And the new kid on the block, Williams Fallade, who turned Pro just eight months ago, hungry for recognition. After months of training and weeks of dieting, it’s time to find out who will triumph.

The next WBFF Pro Show will be in London England on November 8, at the O2 venue. More details at the WBFF website.

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  1. For me 1- Justin Gonzalez
                2 – Williams Fallade
                3 – Shaun Stafford

  2. I don't understand why Jeff Seid competes in the IFBB. With his physique and personality, the judging criteria in the WBFF Male Fitness Model suits him better. Also he's not doing well anymore in the IFBB Pro shows, models like Jeremy Buendia and Sadik Hadzovic will beat him every time now.

  3. I'm glad WBBF allows flexing and letting competitors do their own routines on stage,you can really see and feel the energy on stage, I wish IFBB followed the same for their Men's Physique.

  4. Hey, let me throw this at yall.
    I am coming next year,their to complete,which one of you guys, coming in second and third.forget about first,it's for me olny.
    Ok,we'll talk so.

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