Easy Exercises To Do At Home

A lot of us do not have the time or the money to get a gym membership; especially mothers who have to stay at home with their young ones. For such women, the ideal kind of exercise is one which they can easily do at home. Here are some easy to do exercises which can be done at home.

Forward Lunges

Lunges are great home workouts for the back of your legs and buttocks. Stand straight; your feet should be approximately shoulder length apart. Step forward in a lunging style in such a manner that your knee is above your ankle. Move to your original position in such a way that your thigh is parallel to the floor. After you have done this, go back to your original position.

Stationary Lunges

The primary difference between forward and stationary lunges is that such lunges start from a lunging position. You need to stand in a lunging position and push yourself down in such a manner that your right thigh is in a parallel position to the floor.


These are the easiest form of at home exercises for women and they aren’t very complicated either. Lie down on your stomach and place your hands under your shoulder. Then push your body up.

Modified Pushups

The format is basically the same as simple pushups. The only thing which is different is that you need to straighten your spine by pressing the hips forward. You can do as many modified pushups as you are comfortable with.


You can perform planks by again lying on your stomach but this time your elbows should be under your shoulders. Tighten your stomach so that you can push up your body, while simultaneously pressing your toes. This is a very useful exercise for your back and abdomen.

Elbow Planks

Another type of planks is elbow planks. Start out as if you are going to do a pushup. Then lower all of your body onto your elbows while at the same time tightening abs so that your spine is supported. Keep this position for at least 30 seconds. You can repeat these two or three times, as many times as you can put up with it.

Balance Exercises

Balance exercises are very important for the strength and poise of your body. One of the easiest balance exercises is the knee pull up. Clasp your hands above your head. Raise the right knee at a 90 degree angle, while balancing on the left foot. Keep your knee there for at least one minute. Once you are done with the right knee, start with the left knee and repeat the process.

All of these exercises can be easily done at home. You do not even require any fancy equipment except for an exercise mat. Even if you do not have an exercise mat, you can do all of these exercises on any plain surface such as your floor. So whether you are a busy mom or a career woman and do not want to leave the house, don’t worry you have a variety of at home exercise options.

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