Beware of ECA Stack Side Effects

Although this combination of three drugs has been banned by FDA, people are still using it as a fast way to lose weight.

The individual affects of the each drug cannot be realized unless used in a stack form. The dosage is dependent on the individual’s tolerance. The best dosage for those who have tried it is a combination of 25 mgs of Ephedrine, 200-250 mgs of Caffeine and 325 mgs of Aspirin to be taken 2-3 times a day at 4-6 hours interval. The best is to take the first dosage in the morning and it is always important to have something in your stomach to prevent ulcer.

The “normal” ECA stack side effects are a feeling of heat all over the body, increased heart rate and a boost in energy. Afterwards, there is no appetite to eat.

For first timers, ECA stack side effects can be felt even in small doses. Some of the common side effects are grogginess, faint, thick headedness, nausea and vomiting. A feeling of having a wooly mouth can also be a side effect. This is felt a couple of hours after taking in the stack and the person really has a hard time trying to be conscious.

It is always best to start with small doses, like half the regular dose to check first the effect it has on you. Remember that ephedrine chemically is very similar to cocaine and amphetamines, with the same fatal effects if taken in large doses. Caffeine, on the other hand is a central nervous system stimulant so it increases alertness, temporary energy boost and elevates mood. However, if taken in large doses it may cause rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure, nervousness, depression, dehydration, mania, and psychosis may occur. These drugs, if taken in continuously can also damage the liver and kidney.

ECA stack should not be taken in during the summer months because this is thermogenic. Heat stroke deaths attributed to ECA may be because of people getting over heated and dehydrated without realizing it.

People who are undergoing withdrawal stage from addiction to drugs should also steer clear from the stack as it will reactivate their addiction.

Fitness World Locations strongly suggets you check  and consult with your doctor before taking any pills for weight loss or starting a fitness world workout program.

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