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  2. …Bodybuilding shows in India are so small a crowd of 10,000 Indians including security, judges and sponsors are cramped in a small vicinity like a function room not like a big function hall centre full of fans and spectators know what is bodybuilding and the impacts of the sport does for the common person health and business. Woman wear Saris, Men wear Sandals to events like this when asked by the host on TV they don't look like they know anything about the sport just Cricket. It's a Joke!

  3. If you don't have the right lifestyle, situation, background, genetics, will, strong mind and heart to be in shape like these guys you can only argue, complain, bitch, winge, accuse like critics do or just watch them compete in the spectator area. It's a bit shame they held the Olympics in Delhi India but can't afford to promote sporting events set out like Westerners do in the country. Have you ever seen bodybuilding shows in India? It's bizarre! It's like a shed, everyone cramped in together.

  4. Majority bodybuilders from India are on the 'Juice' taking anabolic steroids. What the hell do countries like India, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka know anything about bodybuilding, supplement and shakes to get big or ripped, lifestyle and proper job to be a bodybuilder, majority all these communities are fat, obese, skinny, hairy, ugly especially the men than the woman look pretty. Compare the men from South and North India, South Indian men are hairy, fat but North Indian men are smooth and slim.

  5. Did you know the difference between bodybuilders and fitness models is that the size is different but physiologically average body should better of having a Fitness model body than a bodybuilder for one eliminating discrimination like for using steroids, being looked as gay, they are big and look tough but can't fight to defend themselves just look that they are. You ever see these fitness model championship held in third world countries like in India? Never! They can't afford that lifestyle!

  6. Some of theses dudes look like a joke. Almost want to say, do you even lift?

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