Run the World Activity – Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 – Xbox Fitness

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Edgar Kanselovich says:

the game is awesome!!!, but this, run the world SUCKS!!

jayPecentage says:

It also has London I think . lol

Joey Zuraski says:

So does it have to do with moving your legs very fast in one place to get to 16 km/h?

sasha bos says:

run the world…. apparently the whole world is new york 

1982vicel says:

im so getting this game 

Connel silence says:


Muthiah Radha says:

why is it so white. I thought it would look more like real buildings

SuperRetroGame says:

The art style blows my mind.

ShikiHunters says:

Run the world seems brillant!!

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