Dr. Jordan Metzl: “Running Strong” | Talks at Google

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Running Strong: Exploring the Science of Healthy, Injury-Free Running for Life

For 33 time marathon runner and 13 time Ironman Dr. Jordan Metzl (can hyperlink towww.DrJordanMetzl.com) running isn’t only about winning, it’s about getting out and moving every day to promote health, fitness and wellness. Dr. Metzl is an award winning sports medicine physician at Hospital for Special Surgery, a best-selling author, and popular fitness instructor whose Ironstrength workout has been performed by more than 10 million athletes around the world.

Dr Metzl recently came to Google to discuss his newest book, Dr. Jordan Metzl’s Running Strong, which is his recipe for fast, injury-free running for life. As a sports doc and a dedicated runner, Dr. Metzl hopes that his information will keep runners around the globe healthy and doing what they love. Dr. Metzl spoke on all aspects of running safety, and then did a demonstration of the technological features of his book. Running Strong is the first book to use a smart phone interface that allows readers around the world to scan pages with hand held devices and virtually walk into Dr. Metzl’s office 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


SDP92 says:

was a good video until metabolism types were brought up…

38tripleK says:

good job man….

Udu says:

ooo man those xrays really got me squeamish, head shoulders knees and toes 🙂 Killer App !

Fu Dan Chu says:

"If it works for you, great" is quite the clever phrase.  You're not really taking a stance so you cannot be wrong.  I'm going to start saying that to everyone that asks "is XYZ good for me?"

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