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The one where I share my current workout routine (expand the description box to see my leg, push and pull day routines from last week!), get sweaty and go on about my love for the Lululemon Align Pants…AGAIN.

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Bike warm-up (5 mins) & stretches
Do as many rounds as possible of these three exercises in 15 minutes
15 reps – Seated Leg Press (I started at 50kg and then Paul increased the weight by 10kgs each time)
10 reps – Overhead Lunge (I used a 15kg plate over my head for this)
70 steps – Stairmaster (as fast as possible)
Next round, repeat three times:
5 on each leg – Bulgarian Split Squats (I used a 10kg kettle bell in each hand)
10 reps – Romanian Deadlifts (I used a 16kg kettle bell in each hand) ]
5 reps – Box Jumps
Next round, repeat three times:
8 reps on each leg – Single Leg Hamstring Curl (I used 5kg for this)
8 reps on each leg – Single Leg Extensions (I used 15kg for this)

Rowing Machine warm-up (5 mins) & stretches
First round – pyramid set-up
8 reps – Smith Incline Shoulder Press Double Pumps (I started with just the bar and then Paul increased the weight each round by 2.5kg, until it got to 7.5kg – then he decreased it by 2.5kg each round until I got back to just the bar – KILLER, I tell ya)
5 reps – Press Ups
Next round, repeat three times:
8 reps – Decline Chest Press (fast up, and then count back to 5 on the way back – I started at 10kg and then did the second round with 15kg and the final round with 17.5kg)
10 reps – Plate Front Raise (I used a 10kg plate for this)
When I’d completed the round three times, I did the Decline Chest Press with 17.5kg for as many reps as I could get out before failure.
Next round, repeat three times:
10 reps – Incline Bench (I just used the 20kg bar for this)
10 reps – Assisted Dips (or we did Bench Dips if the machine was taken)
FINISHER (do these exercises and then repeat the round):
10 reps – Banded Front Raise
10 reps – Lat Raises (3kg dumbbell)
20 reps – Front Punches (3kg dumbbell)
10 reps – Wall Throws (with 6kg ball)

Rowing Machine warm-up (5 mins) & stretches
Do as many rounds as possible of these three exercises in 15 minutes, start at 1 rep for the Deadlifts and Pull-ups and 10 reps for Squat Rows, then increase to 2 reps for the Deadlifts and Pull-Ups and 20 reps for the Squat Rows in the next round, increase and repeat until the 15 minutes is up.
1 rep, 2 reps, 3 reps etc – Deadlifts (sumo-style at 80kg)
1 rep, 2 reps, 3 reps etc – Resistance Band Pull-Ups
10 reps, 20 reps, 30 reps etc – Resistance Band Squat Rows
Next round, repeat three times:
8 reps – Seated Rows (I did them at 35kg)
12 reps – Seated Face Pulls
Next round, repeat three times:
10 reps – Wide Handle Lat Pull Downs (I did them at 30kg)
10 reps – Upright Row (I used the 15kg barbell)
FINISHER (do these exercises and repeat the round):
10 reps – Bodyweight Rows
5 reps – Medicine Ball Slams (I use the 6kg medicine ball)
30 secs – Ski Machine

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  1. OMG I have to tell you I'm SO happy I watched this and you're lifting heavy weights!! I feel like so many times I watch videos on this and if it's not a fitness centric channel people will be doing a bunch of cardio and living 5lb weights :(. Keep lifting, so inspiring I love it!!

  2. if u enjoy food and eat normally you will never have a flat tone abs thats what I have to accept…food or beauty?I am not a beauty guru or celebrity so I given up my abs dream a long time…

  3. Aaah weightlifting is so addicting! I always feel like I'm competing with myself, which I love. And I also struggle strengthening my belly! Great vid Anna xx

  4. I think if you do a little bit of running, maybe a mile twice a week, you'll see results with your belly.

  5. So good Anna! Thank you, taken a couple of weeks off my new routine, really needed the motivation xx

  6. Eating a scone with jam and cream with a coffee while watching this whoops! But I did go for 4K run today 😜

  7. Sports bra recommendation – marks and spencer sports bras are amazing! Especially the ones that zip up at the front!

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