Fitness Routine | Bigger Butt Workout – Glute and Thigh exercises

Fitness Routine | Bigger, Rounder, Lifted Butt Workout | Glute, Thigh, Hamstring Buttocks workout. Please gives it a thumbs up if you want more fitness video! 😀
Hey guys, so a lot of you guys have asked me to do a fitness routine/ legs & glute workout video so here it is! I know it took me a long time because I wasn’t sure whether I want to film it. There’s a lot of people on YouTube that does a good job in explaining these exercises and their body are absolutely gorgeous so I was quite hesitant because there are already really good videos out there. My bestie made a really good point though. She told me somewhere in the line that it is probably quite difficult to achieve a really fit body like those girls, so maybe I should do one because it is more relatable. My girl makes so much sense sometimes. There is no harm having another fitness video out there anyway. haha. Hope you guys find this helpful and please let me know if this helps to grow your bootayyyy! 🙂

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  1. honestly the only thing useful here was the warm up exercises which is great for your actual workout because those muscles will already be prefatigued and will work harder. if you actually want a bigger butt you need to be in a caloric surplus and doing heavy weight movements. this workout will not give you big results. sorry its true and you can look it up and see for yourself. this is a sad excuse of a "workout"

  2. When im doing these types of exercises my legs start to be weak and shake.. Is that normal? Btw i'm 14years old and im 48kg..

  3. I do 30day squat challenge i really make my thighs and butt get firm. but i just stop it 4nos now i got some cellulite again huhu. ur so gorg!!

  4. I highly recommend the video "I'm dying to lose weight" by plantbasedathlete. His recommendation on food/diet is very helpful!

  5. I am not trying to judge you but I wouldn't show my breasts so much it can really cause people to sin

  6. Does this girl have facial surgery? Her eyes and nose looked plastic. I could be wrong, but something about her doesn't look natural. Good job with the workout routines. Keep it up.

  7. This is actually my first time coming across your channel and OMG I really love your workout videos!!! 😭😭 they're a HUGE help and fun to watch 🙌🏼✨

  8. i'm literally on the floor like i did all of the exercises except the one with the gym equipments and i included donkey kicks and the fire hydrants and i'm feeling it so much thank you for this video ^^

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