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Abs Exercises | Abs Workout | Flat Belly Workout and Tips | Flat Stomach Exercise for women at home. Hey guys, I do abs exercise only once a week nowadays because I am trying to not build too much muscle. I used to do it 3 to 4 times a week and I felt that the muscle has grown a bit too much so I toned it down a little. It really depends what look you are going for. I am trying to go for a more feminine look.

However if you eat loads of junk food, like maccas, processed potato chips and etc., no matter how much abs exercise you do, it will be hard to see the definition because there will be a layer of fat on top of the muscles. Again, some people are blessed with awesome genetics with small tummy and they can get away with eating junk food. In terms of diet, it really depends on your body type and also what type of food cause water retention or gas bloating in the abdominal area. I am very sensitive to beans, cabbage, broccoli and certain type of vegetables. There is this one time I had raw broccoli and I couldn’t even walk for a day. I was in so much pain because my stomach just can’t handle it. So i guess know your body, eat different type of food and how you see you react to it. 🙂

Anyway I hope you find this video useful and as always thanks so much for watching!

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Abs workout for women at home

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  1. oh my god, did this once and the next morning my lower abs felt so soreeee. but i will recommend this! thanks

  2. Using weights will not make you bulky if you have proper form and do appropriate cardio as well as ab exercises. Just doing ab exercises will build muscle on top of belly fat making you bulky.

  3. So what did she say was the when using weights and without I didn't really understand ??? U get more muscle without it bulges out ??

  4. i did abs workouts long time ago and then i noticed my stomache got bigger then i stopped cause i thought i built muscles under my tummy fat..so if i want to burn it off and not build muscles what should i do

  5. been doing this exercise for a few days. and my belly hurts like hell. but i think i can already feel the muscles toning. so yea.

  6. thank u for sharing. i am watching ur vid to start my ab work out. especially my lower ab. i love that u dont know all the names and such but still care to share what works for u. :)

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