Strength Training Treadmill Workout, Shredmill Fitness, Fit How To

If you think the treadmill is just for running and walking, think again! You can take a walk with your hands or put your mountain climbers on the moving belt for an entirely new challenge. Watch this video to learn unique moves from Equinox’s popular Shred and Tread classes to strength train using the machine. We promise, you will never look at the treadmill the same way again.

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  1. This is copy of Steve Peister….he's the one who Started this. It's a Great workout. See his you'll enjoy it-it is good to see people are trying it

  2. Cool exercises… I just would love to see how she gets off the tread mill after she is done with the crab walk, lol!

  3. Copy and paste into Google Morsch Muscle Madness to learn out how a unique discovery made an average guy buff.

  4. People stare at you way to much when they see you doing something different or challenging, like you're a weirdo lol like why is this guy here smh

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