How to Use a Treadmill Correctly : Personal Fitness

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Using a treadmill is one thing. Using a treadmill correctly can be something else entirely. Use a treadmill correctly with help from a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor in this free video clip.

Expert: Madison Chase
Bio: Madison Chase has dedicated over 17 years in health and fitness as a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.
Filmmaker: Blyth Kemp

Series Description: Getting fit doesn’t require that you spend thousands of dollars on a home gym – it is often something you can do in a variety of ways that are cheap, easy and even fun. Get tips on personal fitness with help from a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor in this free video series.

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  1. This video could have been half as short if she would have just said – here are 5 things and listed them, without prewarning you that she was going to list them and then reminding you five times that she's listing 5 items.

  2. hi! can you please help me ? i wanna lose my weight its about 71 and i bought treadmill i already have at home for two days and it's my first time so please help what am i gonna do ? what speed & hours per day should i do ? am 18 years old girl at college i will definitely appreciate please girl <3

  3. Thanks for this! I want to get to a place where I can use my treadmill more effectively! :)

  4. Please consider all ranges of age and levels when you provide information regarding the treadmill.  Some people are just starting out on a treadmill and can't walk 3.0 to 5.0 miles. Remember there are Seniors who are looking for guidance.  xoFlea

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