Horizon Fitness Treadmills: What Really Makes A Difference

At Horizon Fitness, we take your workouts seriously–and it shows in our treadmills.

We thoroughly test our treadmills to make sure they deliver great workouts that produce real results.

Horizon treadmills have sturdy frames. Our designs include more welded parts and few connection points—that makes them stable at any speed. It also simplifies assembly. You can have your treadmills up and running in less than thirty minutes.

You also need a strong, consistent motor that keeps the belt moving smoothly whether you walk or run.

But there’s more to a motor than power. Horizon motors operate at low revolutions per minute, which makes them quiet. You can use your treadmill whenever you like, and you won’t have to crank up the volume on the TV and you won’t disturb other family members.

Your treadmill should also have a cushioning system to protect your back and joints. Horizon treadmills have variable cushioning so you get the most shock absorption where your foot hits the belt and the most support where you push off.

With sturdy frames, quiet motors and great cushioning, Horizon treadmills make it easier than ever to incorporate regular exercise into your life.

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