Fat Burning Treadmill Drills Taught by Celebrity Fitness Trainer Donovan Green as seen on Dr. Oz T.V

Fat burning treadmill exercises taught by Teen Fitness magazine’s fitness coach Donovan Green.Donovan Green is a certified Personal Trainer, Martial Arts Instructor, Owner Of 6 Elements of Fitness Gyms, Fitness Expert, Trainer & Friend to Dr.Mehmet Oz, Health Counselor, Fitness coordinator for Health corps, and Fitness Coach to many. He is considered to be one of the most unique and intricate trainers to have ever touched the fitness industry. He has a very straight and direct style of training which is basically give me 100% or give me nothing at all. Even though he understands that everyone was not born an athlete he still requires for you to give him your all. Donovan has appeared on The Dr.Oz show, Teen fitness Magazine, Oprah Radio, Nancercize Radio, Fox Teen Kids, Highway to Health videos, Joel Harpers Fitness DVDs, Hot 97 Street Soldiers and News 12 in the Bronx. He has been involved in over 100 health fairs and has visited over 60 highschools in and out of the tri state area. Donovan Green is loved and respected by people from all over the world. He has a way of kicking your butt with no remorse but at the same time manages to make being fit fun. Results is all he needs and nothing less.

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  1. With how skinny this guy's legs are, he should be in the squat rack. Not on a treadmill. LOL

    But if you want a GREAT treadmill workout, put it on a max 15 incline and a brisk walk of 3-4mph. Then just walk without holding on. The average person usually gasses out in under ten mins doing this. If you can maintain 3mph plus on max incline without holding on for 30-60 mins, you're Vo2 max/level of fitness is actually very high. No need for running.

  2. Nice thanks for sharing 🙂 So true without the right nutrition working out won't mean nothing

  3. hi dorovan green… thanks for this video.. i want to loose 50 kg as i am overweight.. i want to know what else and what diet i should take…thank you

  4. Hello trainer my name is Denise I've always wanted to work out and maintain my weight I need some advice and also have questions do u have An email? Or an other way of contact?

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