Elite Fitness | Lubricating your Treadmill – ICON H&F Treadmills

10 simple steps showing you how to lubricate and service your deck and belt system on your ICON Health & Fitness Treadmill – Golds Gym, Weslo, Proform, Nordic Track & Health Rider.

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  1. OMG get to the fucking point! you talk too much. How about a 1and 30 second video. LIke 10 quick steps and spare the safety speech. Fuck this is not a yoga class its about getting back on the treadmill fast to RUN FAST! Oh and how about some motivation music not the boring put me to sleep elevator crap. Your background music reminds of old fat people back in the 70's getting drunk. Namaste slacker!

  2. Thanks for this a lot–got a Weslo machine recently, and the manual included everything ACCEPT how to maintain the damn thing! Thanks man :D

  3. Excellent info!  I didn't know about the "hour/distance" check.  And I was told by some dork at a fitness store that their "Silicon based" oil was the best.  Luckily I saw this video before I applied it!  I bought the "ICON" lube on Ebay.  Way cheaper than the fitness store  and actual ICON lube!

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