Facial Muscle Training, Easy, Simple, Effective exercise for no wrinkle face!

This video is about Facial Muscle Training

Let me introduce facial muscle training today.

Lot’s of people train their body at gym or outside, but not face. (training)

It’s really strange to me that people forget about facial muscles and go botox or plastic surgery, because it’s just so easy to keep younger fresh look just by doing some simple facial exercises only for a few minutes per day.

There are many exercises you can do depending on the problem areas, so today, I will introduce how to kill bulldog face with sagging cheeks.

1. Move the side line to the other, keep it 5 seconds. Move the other side too.

2. Check the cheek bone positions. Move up the positions a little higher by stretching the smile lines for 5 seconds. This is great for lifting up the cheek bones and reducing smile lines.

3. Attach the upper and lower lips tight for 5 seconds. Stretch the smile lines for 5 seconds. Hold the lips inside for 5 seconds.
4. Make air inside the month. Make circle slowly, then the other side.

If you are concerned about eye areas.
1. Position your fingers above the eye brows. Move up and down the eye brows 10 times, then keep them up for 10 seconds.
2. Bite your tongue lightly to fix the lower facial muscles. Close your eyes in half. Position your finger under the eyes , then move up and down the eye bag areas.

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  1. I can barely move one of my cheeks to the side in the first exercise. Will this get better over time or is it some sort of muscle control thing?

  2. I am a 22 year old girl with round face.. will these poses be helpful for me ??I want to maintain my chubby cheeks..but recently due to stress I have developed slight hollow under my eyes..will these poses be helpful to maintain my Fuller cheeks and eliminate under eye hollow s??? plzzz reply :)

  3. I really like u the way u taught is very nice sorry about my question but I m little confused

  4. does it makes us more weird? I want to look more cute !does it makes my face elder than my age ? I m 18

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