Face workout solutions for TURKEY NECK: Muscle firming and Lifting

Description: RESCULPTING AND FIRMING NECK AREA with Isometric techniques.
Definition: Isometrics or resistance exercises, contraction and stretching of muscles are important, and that resistance of forces against muscles results in toned and firmer muscles. By working an individual muscle in a static position slowly and with attention only to that muscle, it will be strengthened and tightened naturally. Muscles waste away without use. Isometric exercises strengthen dormant muscle tissues on isolated muscles naturally without undue strain or movement throughout the rest of the body. As you contract a muscle, the fibers move together and increase in size. It is important to understand the difference between exercises that resculpt your muscles and those that create larger, often bulging muscles. The aim of most people is to redefine muscles, to tone them, and to reduce or enlarge them as you choose. If you are worried about building big bulky muscles by doing isometrics with weights, don’t be. 99.9 percent of women do not have enough testosterone, the male hormone that governs muscle growth, to develop bulgy muscles.

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  1. I found your channel a couple months ago and I'm watching every single video you've uploaded. I'm so excited that I'm learning all these tips while I'm younger. I love your channel and you seem so nice.

  2. Clarisa, totally agree that our outer body is a reflection of our inner health! Thank you for all your great tips!

  3. Clarisa, I can feel this working, now if I can get this loose skin tightened it would be great! Thank You for sharing. Have a fantastic week. Big HUGS! xoxo Sharon

  4. Thanks for the tips. I have an hereditary turkey neck that I absolutely hate. I'm going to try some of the exercises. Hugs, Chrissy

  5. Wow you are looking sensational today! I love your hairstyle and your top, such a great colour on you! Excellent tips thank you for sharing with us. Much love xoxox Shaz

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