Face Gym – Tone Cheek Muscles HD | Asha Bachanni

Ms. Asha Bachanni, a leading Aesthetic Consultanr, has designed a facial muscle exercise program to help people achieve a well toned, sculpted & youthful face. Her aim is to make people realize that fitness is not limited upto the shoulder level only, but also above it.

Benefits of this program are that it is a natural, affordable program right at your fingertips and has wonderful results. One is not dependent on any person or machine. It can be done at any time of the day, even while travelling or in the office or while watching television. It is the easiest way to fulfill any persons need to look young and beautiful.

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  1. It's crazy because I'm only 15 and I've stressed myself out so badly that Im spread getting a jowl on my left facial cheek. I hope these exercises work. :/

  2. This doesn't do much and I can't feel my facial muscles activating or working. Meh.

  3. This facial workout eventually will create a deep wrinkles on the other sides of the face..(LAUGHTER LINES)

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