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  1. lmfao every time i try to do it myself i get to the face and end up cracking up xD

  2. Seems to me, I first saw this almost 20 years ago. I remember doing it while I was in really good shape and saw almost immediate results. But, the real reason why I wanted to comment was that even though the faces, the breathing, and the general idea may seem ridiculous to a viewer, the oxygenation is great for the muscles, tissues, and, believe it or not, helping insomnia. I remember going through her whole routine and being exhausted and falling asleep immediately. I never really had a good explanation for that. I finally stopped this technique because I couldn't afford to fall asleep in the middle of the day. Ha….

  3. I seriously tried this and couldn't get past the looking up part before I burst out laughing my ass off

  4. thanks, l will add these to my workout, l have been doing these for 15 years and yes, it works, l just don't let anyone see me doing it and l am amazed she films her doing them but it does work, by their fruits ye shall know them

  5. XD OMG where is this woman right now like I need to meet with her this instant lol XD

  6. And if you do it right you WILL have the exact sound as she does when breathing out. Had nothing to do with smoking. 

  7. It really works. Just try it for 2 weeks. You will see it really does work. It's yoga. it works fast too. 

  8. As crazy as this sounds my mom borrowed the tape of this when I was in high school. She borrowed it from one of her teacher friends that she worked with. My mom's friend swore by it and had lost weight and was looking really toned. When we started watching the video everyone laughed, but I decided to try it. I did it in the basement where the exercise bike was. I would start doing it and my dad would get made, because of how stupid the breathing sounded. He kept saying it sounded like a raccoon was down stairs. I did it and did it for a month and saw results fast. I think this crazy stuff works. It worked for me at least. I use my husbands YouTube account, because I don't have one yet, so that's not me in the profile pic. I'm pretty sure Nick would be embarrassed if people thought he did this. Lol

  9. Lol this was an April Fools prank my Band Teacher pulled on the Band. I didn't participate I was to busy on the floor laughing so hard I was crying!!😂😂

  10. My drama teacher made our whole class watch this video when I was in high school in 2006. It is funny as hell and we all couldn't stop laughing, but the techniques she uses really do work! Once you actually do stop laughing, you can actually feel a difference after doing it. Ciao!

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