The Different GPS Running Watches Models

Runners need to keep up with the times and in doing so they need a personal trainer to assist them in their activities. Fortunately, personal trainers can as watches which do not only provide time but today, provides direction, speed, and heart rate data. Different models are widely available today and it’s up to you to choose the perfect model that suits your needs best.

For starters, one can opt for the Suunto t3 watch. At an affordable price of less than $200, this watch can be used not only in running but also in other outdoor activities. It provides direction, heart rate, and speed data. It’s a heart rate monitor and fitness trainer in one.

Polar RS has a series of running watches that is optimized for beginners and intermediate athletes. One is the Polar RS 800CX which provides speed and direction and has an excellent heart rate monitor. The data gathered can also be transferred to a computer through its infrared connection. Another Polar RS in the series is the Polar RS 300X G1. Aside from providing direction and heart rate data, it also has a feature called the Polar OwnZone which helps an athlete in starting an exercise regimen from warming-up to the training itself and also makes sure it fits the athletes current physical condition.

Known to be one of the most excellent watch brands, Timex also has an excellent running watch called the Ironman T5J985. From the name itself, this watch was made to be used for different kinds of sports. This watch also has a heart monitor and gives real-time values of specific direction and speed data such as longitude, latitude, altitude, elevation, descent, and ascent rates.

Garmin Forerunner is also a great brand with GPS running watches. One of the its latest model is the Forerunner 405 which has the features like the Virtual Partner wherein an athlete can compete with his past training records or load a friend’s workout data and compete with them. Forerunner 405 has an excellent GPS locator which tracks athletes even if he’s surrounded with tall buildings and trees.

With many choices to choose from, athletes are now assured of a reliable device during training. What’s even great is that they don’t have to carry bulky accessories when working-out since these devices now come in sleek and lightweight designs.

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