How to Use Machines at Gym Effectively Workout.MP4

“Muscle strength and endurance workout”
– All you need is Smart phone, ear plugs and you are ready to do workout!
– Before you start workout I want you to do a 5 minute warm up by walking, elliptical, bike or stairmaster to get your mind mentally prepared for workout!
– Add Cardio by doing jumping jacks, butt kicks, or high knees between each exercise.
– Set:1, Reps: 20
– Pick a weight that you can only do 10-12 reps; then drop weight and continue reps until you get to 20 reps.
– Hit Fatigue each set to get maximum benefits!
– Remember to have fun!!!

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  1. Love your shit bro!
    im three months into a new life sorta thing, and your delivery is spot on .
    dont stop!

  2. You have some of the best designed machines at your disposal but you clearly (as most traditional trained personal trainers) know nothing about the science behind the construction of these mashinces… if you did a lot of things would be different in the way you tell people to use the machines 🙁
    Do some research on Arthur Jones and Ken Hutchins and/or read "Body By Science".

  3. How many repetitions should I do?
    (I mean, for a normal day in gym how many should I do and in what machines?)

  4. I also see a weird steel cage frame with holes machine thingy. It also have steel bars inserted across the holes. What is that machine called and how to use it?

  5. i do appreciated for ur video , it does really help. Thank for your coach

  6. "it shouldn't be too hard its only 20 reps" this guy didn't do 20 reps on any of the excersises…

  7. dear john i like it so much GOD kips ur safe. thank u so much more.

  8. it's a good video but i would recommend you to learn how to count. you know just a small tip if you want to be good

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