4 Tips To Consider When Looking For A Personal Trainer

Getting fit can be very tricky, especially if you are not naturally interested in exercise. Even though we all know that it is essential to maintain body fitness, particularly as the body starts to age, many procrastinate and make very little attempt at serious exercise, and this is particularly so in Canada.

So, how do you overcome that apathy? Well, one great way is to instruct a personal trainer Toronto. A personal trainer will design the perfect exercise plan tailored to your fitness levels and needs, which means you won’t be pushed too hard. Here are 5 top ways to find the perfect exercise instructor.

1.    Qualification and accreditation is everything

It is very important to ensure your instructor has the relevant qualifications, after all you are trusting them with your life. You might not think so, but if they push you too far this can be detrimental to your health, rather than helpful. Putting too much pressure on a heart that is weak or on someone who is really unfit can have drastic consequences. Just having a vague knowledge or even a love of exercise is not sufficient to qualify a person to instruct others.

2.    Testimonials

Although some testimonials and reviews are easy to falsify, you should ensure your personal instructor has verifiable testimonials that can be easily checked. If you are unable to find any testimonials, and this can sometimes happen for genuine reasons then you should check their qualifications very carefully and contact any associations they belong to for verification.

3.    Experience

Even though your fitness instructor may have the right qualifications and testimonials, they should also have a good level of experience that spans more than 12 months as a bare minimum. There is no substitute from hand-on experience, no matter how much a person knows in theory. Very often life experience is much more essential, but it cannot take the place of qualifications.

4.    Health & Nutrition Training

Your trainer should also have a good understanding of nutrition and balanced food information. This is key to ensuring you have enough calorie intake in order to give you enough energy, particularly if you are considering undertaking a rigorous exercise plan. If you are more interested in building muscle rather than losing weight, this is particularly important. However, never allow supplements or whey proteins to replace actual nutritional food. In addition to health and nutrition training, your instructor should have a good understanding of the body’s structure and the impact of exercise on muscle groups.


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