Intense Calisthenic Routine for Muscular and Cardiovascular Fitness

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Ladder pushups: you will do 1 pushup count to 3 then do 2 pushups, count to 3 then 3 pushups and so on untill you reach 10 pushups

side to side pushups: stay as low as possible without hitting the floor and move side to side 5 on each side

Pushup Jacks: push up off the floor and bring your feet as if you were about to do a burpee

Fingertip tip pushups, do 15 pushups on the tip of your fingers while your buddy(ies) hold a plank.

Elevated side to side pushups : 8 on each side
Elevated pushups 15 -20 reps
Pike pushups 10-15
Elevated walking pushups do 20 reps


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