3 Common Mistakes People Usually Make When Attempting to Gain Muscle

Most people spend hours on end in the gym, however, they do not seem to get anywhere with regards to gaining muscle mass. Actually, when I was in my college years, I attempted to gain some muscle, myself, but failed miserably. I later found the reason why I failed is that I fell victim to these 3 mistakes that I see people commonly make at the gym.

Not Lifting the Weights in Proper Cadence

When I started pumping iron at the gym, I didn’t know the right cadence or timing. Just simply doing the motion fast enough is not enough to build muscle. At the very least, to improve muscle development, you must pull or push with a 2-5 second cadence followed by going back to starting position with the right cadence without pausing in between. This is the proper way to do it.

Although it is more difficult to do this properly and your muscles get more tired easily this way, at least you’re time spent at the gym will not be wasted.

I used to spend 2-3 hours at the gym without getting as much muscle gain as I do now doing the proper lifting of weights.

Not Eating properly

I realized that I was not getting the proper nutrition. I was doing all the wrong things that the owner of forskinnyguysonly.com was doing. Eating more protein than carbs or fat.

This caused me proteinuria and a lot of muscle loss. Not eating on the right times contributed to muscle loss. And all the time spent at the gym went to wast just because I failed to read up these important information.

Eating less carbs also contributed to more delayed recovery of my muscles as well as reduced the amount of work I could do at the gym. An effective pre-workout meal made all the difference now.

Incorrect Exercise Program

Believe it or not, the facilitator at the first gym I went to gave me an incorrect program despite me wanting to gain some weight in muscle.

Instead of giving me isometric and 10-rep workouts, the facilitator gave me a workout for weight loss which comprised of high intensity low-weight 15-rep exercises.

Although it did help me to improve my strength and gain some muscle mass, I hit my plateau rather fast. And I was not able to gain much muscle after that.

It took me almost 3-6 grueling months of 3-day/week workouts just to achieve what I achieved in just 2 months of doing 10-slow rep workouts with higher weights. Wasting a lot of my time in the process.

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