Home Workouts: How To Properly Use Your Elliptical

I prefer the use of the elliptical over the treadmill any day! The proper use of the elliptical machine allows you to work all the different muscle groups in your body simultaneously. Also if you have bad knees and joints the elliptical can actually help improve those areas because the exercise involves little to no impact. Allowing you to build muscle tissue in those areas without causing more injury. By adding resistance while on the elliptical you can do a cardiovascular exercise while maintaining muscle tissue. This is the secret to muscle toning.

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  1. You get on the machine with some type of heart monitor and there you go. No: wait; he said to breath. If he hadn't said it  would have never occurred to me. I would have kept on going without a single breath.  Very insightful indeed. Every trainer on earth reminds us to breath. Maybe they think we never do. We're a special  type of humans/animals : we don't breath.

  2. Thanks for that demonstration of the elliptical. I have just bought one (I'm 64 year old female) and find it really hurts my knees. I was obviously using it wrongly, so that was a big help :-)

  3. I like to start out a bit slower using my arms on the elliptical, but then about halfway through, speeding up and just running. My arms slow me down. Is there any reason you wouldn't recommend this technique?

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  5. very informative. thanks for the Information. it personally makes me rethink my form and breathing on an elliptical machine.

  6. I use the center part of the elliptical when I just want to focus on legs, or as the resting portion what I'm doing. I believe the elliptical should focus on full body training so I incorporate a lot of use of the handlebars.

  7. I will try this technique tomorrow when i work out again. Also any tips for just holding on the center part of the elliptical instead of using the bars?

  8. Thank you very much for this video. Do you have any tips on how to use your legs so your knees dont get injured using eliptica?

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