Zac Efron Workout and Diet Plan (BAYWATCH!!)

Build ripped muscle like Zac with this program…

Zac Efron’s workout and diet plan are making waves this Summer because of his incredible physique transformation preparing for Baywatch. Along side the Rock, Zac holds his own, having carved out a chiseled body by focusing on 7 key elements of his training and nutrition. Recently, Men’s Fitness magazine published a story about the gains Efron made to get ready for his Summer comedy role.

In this video, I am breaking down the most important aspects of his diet plan and workouts to help you to start getting better results from your workouts heading into Summer. I’m also going to take a look back at a former “most wanted” celebrity body (that of Taylor Lautner) to see what went wrong and prevented his gains from being permanent.

First and foremost, it is worth noting that neither Zac Efron or Taylor Lautner are heavyweights. Both stand just 5 foot 10 inches tall and weigh no more than 170 pounds. To make his transformation for Baywatch, Efron gained just 10 pounds of lean muscle. The thing is, when you minimize your body fat levels and maximize the amount of muscle your body can naturally carry…you look much bigger than you are. Both of these guys have mastered this.

That said, you can’t expect to look better without being willing to put in some hard work along the way. Zac did just this by adopting more heavy weight training into his workout routine. He stated that he never had lifted very heavy or explosive before preparing for this film. A lot of people actually find themselves in a similar position either because they are uncomfortable lifting heavy or just don’t have the base strength to be able to do it.

By increasing his strength levels on the basic compound lifts, Efron was able to start adding to his muscle density and thickness.

Next he followed a push, pull, legs training split. This workout sequence allows you to train your body more athletically since you train movements instead of individual muscles. The back and biceps are responsible for all lifts in which you pull the weight towards you or pull your body towards a fixed bar. It’s impossible to isolate their actions so it helps to train them together to allow you more recovery time between workouts.

Daily ab training is another key to having the resting tone needed to showcase your abs year round (provided your diet and nutrition are in check). Zac Efron’s diet is also covered here as well. By including a cheat day once in awhile, he is able to maintain his sanity and consistency required to keep his body fat levels low year round.

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  2. zac, I love to workout, but I need to loose weight.I have a virus that has hit my brain, so my mobility is limited.I have a trainer, but I feel you know more.please help.

  3. Zac is on gear so shut up. He is to ripped to be a natty ! There is no way to double your calories and get no extra fat ! This is bullshit ! They are taking steroids and lie you people becouse this is how they make money! Is their life on the line. So shut up Jeff ! What the hell are you even saying long term gainz in a year ? Don't lie the people who trust you ! Long term gains mens at least 3 years of training ! Be honest !

  4. I really enjoy your videos but this one makes no sense waste of your time and mine your on a rant stick to what you do best lol

  5. 10 or 15 pounds of lean muscles in 1 year ?!
    He is fucking hard gainer … its impossible for them to gain that amount of muscles in 1 year . Hard gainers know what im saying .
    Yes he is not that big but he used some juices to gain muscles so quick
    Its not always about the size , its about how fast you gain with steroids !

  6. The guy isn't on steroids. When I work out hard I have gains like he had and the closest thing I've ever taken to steroids is a chicken breast and a glass of milk. Face it, some people genetically gain muscle easily. Just because YOU don't does not mean everyone that is ripped takes drugs.

  7. i think you are a little overestimating the celebrities´ weights above all they are not so tall.

  8. I wont challenge gear users because its easier, but I challenge anyone natural the past 2 years working out or start now and comment back after 1 year in this video if they have a body like Zac Efron or near it. Too many defending him that don't have a body like him even with years training. Don't be naive to Eating Clen and Tren-ning hard. go ahead

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