Nutrition – Simple Guide To Any Body Transformation | Furious Pete

Not sure how to change your diet? Watch this video!
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  1. My computer research has shown that nothing defeats this diet. Google “sowo amazing plan”! If you do your research, you`ll start losing fat like me. Already, I have droped 13 pounds.

  2. hey Pete !
    when i'm counting my Calories , do i have to count Sugar and Salt calories ?
    or just Macros ?
    because i'm eating more Calories than i should but i'm hitting my Macros intake
    e.g : i need 58 grams of Carbs every Meal which is 232 Calories
    but when i use 100g of oats , it has 58 g of carbs , but alot more calories, what should i do ?
    Please help :)

  3. – Paused this video
    – did 5 pushups
    – ran downstairs
    – ate a carrot and some almonds
    – ran upstairs and watched the rest

  4. I'm just curious on the calorie intake? Like how much calories should you have throughout the day to gain muscle & for each meal? (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/snacks)

  5. hate 2 tell ya but we can not absorb any calcium from dairy. veggies only. really, look it up. i love dairy & will not give it up ONLY b/c i love it 2 much. it IS a good protein source
    gotta say i'm impressed w/ how you are UP TO DATE w/ nutrition. .

  6. Great info, and I get that this is an old vid, but many studies have shown that meal frequency doesn't really have much effect on your results. Eating 1 meal/day vs 6 meals/day generally produces the same results if the overall calories, macro-nutrients, etc. are the same so it really just boils down to convenience or personal preference.

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