Nutrition & Meal Plan | Erin Stern’s Elite Body 4-Week Fitness Plan

Training is important, but what you eat will cause the most significant change in your body. Here’s everything you need to know about the Elite Body nutrition plan.
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If you’re going to train like an athlete, you need to eat like one. That means you need to eat quality carbs, proteins, and fats. The meal plan for Elite Body isn’t complicated. In fact, it’s built on single-ingredient, whole foods that you can make into myriad muscle-building meals. This is the plan Erin Stern follows to support a great physique and incredible performance.

Although you’re working on a leaner, more athletic body, you need to fuel your efforts in the gym with quality nutrition. This meal plan will deliver the energy you need to attack the iron and crush your cardio. It won’t leave you feeling hungry or depleted, but it will fuel great results.

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  1. How come I never see any of you guys eating any fruit, isn't fruit good for you too?, or is it because of the natural sugars in it?

  2. I just added in my Muscletech premium gold double chocolate whey protein into some strawberry banana yogurt with blueberries and it wasn't that good.

  3. I'm 58 and have studied nutrition all my life.  It is calories ingested calories burned as far as weight goes.  Not all calories are the same nutritionally however.  This meal plan you're advising is too basic for most but I understand trying to keep it simple.  The nutrition pyramid now is to have the vegetables be the star of the plate and the protein and healthy starch as the side notes.  There is a lot of nutrition in fruits which you seemed to have left out.  You can also include whole grain wrap or pita bread in small amounts.  Also bean/legumes.  It doesn't have to be animal protein.  Also almond milk is a good choice high in protein and low in calories.

  4. Im from Germany and i have to admit , this video advice series the best what i have seen in a long time.
    So pls , keep up the good work ! much respect from Europe , Germany.

  5. I prefer not to use protein powder. But is protein powder really essential to see progress in muscle toning? I hear a lot of mix opinions on it.

  6. I am a mover I lift furniture all day long& I eat 3 meals a day and lots of water, and workout 5days a week lots of jump roping, don't got time for 6 meals a day lol

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