Fitness Model Nutrition Plan (EXACTLY WHAT SHE EATS!!)

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This fitness model nutrition plan will show you exactly what this fitness model eats to stay lean and strong. Instead of the typical fitness model diet advice, she’ll show you precisely what she eats in the course of the day on her muscle building meal plan. You can get a fat burning diet plan like hers here:

On this fitness model diet plan, there’s no starvation, no counting calories or macros and no restriction. On ATHLEAN XX for Women your fat burning nutrition plan has you eating foods you love 5-6 times per day. This is no ‘diet plan’ but rather a total lifestyle change. However this muscle building nutrition plan is sustainable. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods. In fact, chocolate is actually part of our fitness model nutrition plan.

Take this fitness model nutrition advice to heart. Feed your muscles. Don’t eat too little because you’ll be sabotaging your success. You need to eat lots of whole foods to get lean!

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  1. The suitable eating plan is essential for your body building. Make sure you take it seriously, elseways, you may not ever get lean abs.

  2. People who say her diet is flawed…please post your own video and let us see your body. I sense some jealousy…

  3. Life is too short to eat like that. Lean or fat, we are all food for worms or dust in the wind.

  4. I am blown away. You are gorgeous and absolutely the epitome of fit and yet there are two fresh pieces of produce in your daily diet. I cannot eat like this I don't eat anything packaged but keep doing what you're doing girl because it's working👊

  5. So much negativity in these comments. Suddenly, its everyone's business to tell you how you're wrong. Proof is in the pudding! You are happy, healthy, fit, a fitness model and this is in fact what you eat…Which is what your video promised to show us. Thanks for sharing and being honest. Sorry others need to feel like they are better than someone else.

  6. None of her food looks organic or bio friendly, everything on this video is in rapped in plastic. not nice.

  7. These videos always have the strangest comments. This woman is sharing what SHE does. She never said you had to follow it. Use common sense.

  8. love your video! I was wondering about the variety. do you switch it up on your veggies? also I typically I eat mostly protein/veggies/fruit with limited sugar/grains/dairy/alcohol but I seem to have more around my middle than I want to. how do I eat to support my lifting (enough carbs) and also torch the tummy area?

  9. Thank you for sharing your nutrition plan! You have such nice body!

  10. If this is really all you eat, then why do you know what sour cream tastes like?..

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