Diet Plan for 6 Pack Abs (STEP BY STEP!)

Get 6 pack abs year round by following this diet plan

You’ve probably heard that 6 pack abs are obtained through a proper diet, that abs are made in the kitchen. You’d be right. That said, getting abs still remains rather elusive to many and certainly being able to maintain them year round is even harder. Not any more. In this video, I show you a 5 step plan for how to get a 6 pack that you can use to start getting your abs to show fast.

Despite the fact that many are aware of the importance of proper nutrition when it comes to getting abs, it is still a mighty struggle to get them. It usually comes down to the methods those people are using to try and get them in the first place. Crash diet plans and temporary deprivation based tactics are not going to cut it long term if you want to get and keep your abs.

Anything that forces you to feel as if you’re missing out or be deprived of what you really want is only going to be a temporary solution at best. As soon as you get tired of not having what you want, you’ll quickly give in and lose your ability to keep your hard earned abs.

That said, the 5 step formula for getting a 6 pack starts with cutting out the obvious crap foods from your diet. You should know pretty quickly what these are. It’s the cakes, sweets, alcohol, fatty salad dressings, etc that just scream problems the minute you eat them. You know what they are and that means you know they should be gone, so do it. There’s never been a better time than now to start making the changes that are going to dramatically help you in your pursuit of your abs.

Next step is to start eating more often. Yep, despite what keyboard scientists who read a few articles on google scholar want you to believe, there are far more important reasons to be eating more frequently throughout the day than whether or not this is maximally anabolic. I cover these for you in the video.

Next up, you’re going to want to take another pass through that diet of yours. On this second time through, you’re going to want to remove the less obvious items that aren’t helping you as best they can to get your 6 pack abs. For me, I lay out three perfect examples. I thought these foods were healthy but I was only partially right. How they were being prepared was making all the difference in me seeing my abs consistently…or not.

Moving on, you now want to eat more of the good foods you swapped in. This helps you to maintain and continue to build new muscle. Too often, people who take out the offending foods will free up many calories in their diet. If you don’t replace them with good foods you’ll likely wind up not supporting your muscle growth and be skinny without enough muscle mass.

Finally, where the etching in of those abs can happen, supplementation. Use high quality supplements to fine tune your efforts and really take your results to the next level. If you’re looking for the latest in sports nutrition to assist your ab getting goals, be sure to head to or head to if you want a meal my meal diet plan for getting abs.

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  1. Jeff I have a question if I have been trying to eat right and still try to get the gym even though I Lil ones and work how can I stick to a workout plan?

  2. Lastly, I have discovered a diet that is successful for me. We only wish that I had come across this diet program a long time ago. I know I would of lost at least 14 more pounds. Google “sowo amazing plan” to find out more.

  3. I need help.. I live in a collage and they serve all the meals. i cant choose what i eat.. but i can take food so i can eat more meals in a day.. but can i get a sixpack even if i dont have the diet because i literally cant do it.. please help me

  4. Basically all u need to do is caloric deficit, progressive weight lifting, and decent protien.

  5. See at the beginning I knew what foods are good for me and what foods are bad for me, but I always thought to myself that I eat pretty healthy. I just wanted to make sure what is actually good for me and what isn't.

  6. Shit. So i gotta stop eating French Fries three times a day accompanied by a dozen chocolate donuts washed down with several banana milkshakes?

  7. I'm really confused should you go on a caloric deficit or "eat more" caloric surplus? because you supported caloric deficit in some other videos

  8. I can't believe you used to eat that!!! How the fuck did you change and get where you are today!!!!!!!?? Unbelievable ! So awesome man love these videos!!!!

  9. I binge on junk a lot. I will begin this plan tomorrow. Wish me luck and support. 🙂 (Monika, 22, Hungarian, female)

  10. Thanks, great video! Very encouraging. "Cut the crap". Well said, I needed to hear that. Although I run and hit the gym daily, I haven't seen as many gains as I should've by now because I still eat pretty much whatever I want. I can honestly say that since I've cut out alcohol and soft drinks,  I have lost 15 pounds in about 2 months. I'm sure once I "Cut the crap" out of my diet even more, I will see more gains and become more lean. Thanks again!!!

  11. TRUTH! Thank you for this video. It is filling in the correct metabolic/physiological facts and confirming my workout research.

  12. Lol best diet I know of and I love it. Drink a gallon of water, only eat whole foods.

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