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  1. I'm so afraid that this will happen at least once to me. It seems so painful… My longest distance is 13k atm, still kind of a beginner.

  2. He did not cross the finish line on his own,they should´ve let him at least roll throug the line.Inspiring.

  3. I joined xc & if i saw my teammates on the floor like that.. I would grab your arm, pull you up & put your arm around my neck & say "No no no, you're not giving up right now… We're finishing this race… Together " my coach would have been pissed because he would care a lil more about winning than anything else… I wouldn't give a damn, if it means doing the right thing, nothing else matters… Not even my own time on those 3 miles..
    I kind of did that once… I was running in mt sac, & my xc buddie was giving out because she was in pain… A lot of pain.. & i grabbed her arm and almost dragged her with me & said "C'mon! You can do it!" I passed her, but slowed down my own pace (sorta) so she can catch up… & told her "I'm not leaving you behind" either way, we run at the same pace at EVERY race together! Literally!! Anyway… Afterwards she told me never ever to do that again, because i guess you can't, you have to look out for only yourself… & this other guy said that too,

  4. Well done champ…so many things we could say about your health…opponents …but hats off to you …well done champ

  5. people are insane this shows it– my son passed out from a race tonight-while everyone cheered for him to finish crawling –it is awful. he already finished make him stop- people are so sick in the real word of it

  6. you guys are stupid watching your friend suffer.what if die right there. don't be dumb like that.

  7. my brother die right there in the last few seconds. Great that he found that inner-strength to push onward in the fight! That what the sport is all about. Determination..

  8. Who ever disliked this…
    Up yours!
    This young man is a true runner. He finished no matter the pain!

  9. The kid hit "The Wall".
    But he kept going. This is a true runner!
    I saw this happen in a race and even though the kid was not from my school I ran out, got on my hands and knees screamed at him while hitting the earth for him to get back up and finish, he had 40 yards!
    If I touched him he would be DQed. He looked at me like I was insane, saw me point back to the finish, stumbled back to his feet, and crossed.
    He actually passed out again. But not before putting his hand across the line.
    Turns out the kid took a turn wrong and ran right into a tree at full speed 100 yards away.
    Totally worth the lecture I got from my coach and a few other people.
    But privately my coach told me he was proud of what I did.
    Another time a girl had an asthma attack and I walked with her until we found a parent from her school (ran thru some woods).
    I raced to win, but if someone was in distress I helped if I could.

  10. guys. the reason the spectators didnt touch him was because if they did hes disqualified. its not like he was a mile from the finish, he was a few steps.. he was close to the finish thats the reason no stopped also.

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