Competitive Cross Country Running : Shoes for Cross Country Running

Learn from our expert what types of shoes to wear for running competitive cross country in this free exercise training video on competitive cross country running.

Expert: Peter Elizondo
Bio: Peter Elizondo is a lifeguard of three years who swam for the junior varsity and varsity teams at Nikki Rowe High School.
Filmmaker: Devin Boddie

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  1. The three things best thing to look for in a XC shoes:
    1: Weight
    2: Comfort ( If you don't have the right comfort you can get really injured or really bad blisters.)
    3: Flexibility

  2. @harshw16 I've recently bought Nike free runs 3 they are great for track but don''t have the best support, I'm getting inserts but get a more sturdier shoe hope this helps! Reply to me for my own experience if you would like

  3. @suxctf ya i know we've screwd ourselves hard, i still run in my trainers but im trying to switch to racing flats

    but i totally agree with u

  4. 3 important things to look for in shoes
    1 comfort
    2 weight
    3 flexibility

  5. i have asic bounce shoes and i am going to run cross country for the mustang broncos middle school butttt i have the asic bounce shoes are those any goodd

  6. He sucks so bad at talking.
    And obviously knows shit all about distance running.
    Real dissapointment.

  7. First off, IGNORE THIS VIDEO!!!

    Let me help you the best I can, I work for a specialty running store, where we mainly fit people for shoes…

    First, he was correct(for the most part) about one thing, there are 3 different types of running shoes: Neutral, Stability, and Motion Control…

  8. asic i highly recommand its the best new balance/nick will work well don't get puma, puma isn't for running and theres many more that i forget about but like i said i use asics and it has really good performance

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