Karen works with trainer Ian McWalker, learning the ‘ropes’ behind a battle rope workout. Battle ropes are good for anaerobic exercise, interval training to get your heart rate up and also to just completely kick [More]
Success Story Webpage: http://www.snclubs.com/success-stories/ Neil’s Story: Neil had been overweight most of his life. At his heaviest, he was more than 330 lbs., barely fitting in to size 54 jeans and XXXL shirts. In August [More]
Success Stories Webpage: http://www.snclubs.com/success-stories/ Matthew’s Story: Growing up, Matthew never really paid attention to his weight. He didn’t bother to watch what he ate, he never exercised and even referred to himself as a “typical, [More]
Success Story Webpage: http://www.snclubs.com/success-stories/ Brian’s Story: When Brian signed up with Steve Nash Sports Club in Richmond in 2010, he felt overweight, and physically crippled. He has an auto-immune arthritic condition known as Ankylosing Spondylitis [More]
Two professional personal trainers working out at Langley’s Steve Nash
Greg Penney @ Langley Steve Nash Fitness World shows client Danny how to effectively train his core with metabolic rotational exercises!
Success Story Webpage: http://www.snclubs.com/success-stories/ Gabriela’s Story: Gabriela is a mother of three and caregiver of three special needs children. Gabriela has spent her entire life devoted to her family. She realized she had accomplished building [More]