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If there is one thing that is the single biggest deterrent for achieving goals, I would have to say it is injuries. Injuries just plain stink! As runners, we all know that it takes half [More]
One of the biggest benefits of working out in the gym is that you will have tons of options for how you can do your workout. Here are 5 of the many things that can [More]
A common issue among the people who practice fitness or weight training is not knowing their daily ideal protein intake. Considering that protein demands are higher for individuals who work out regularly, this question becomes [More]
Life in the Fitness World is the way to think about your health and fitness. What are the most important things to do to obtain a good fitness level and feel heathy? Do you want to be fit and healthy with a life in the world of fitness?
We know, we know. It’s great to be able to chill out on the couch, watching your favorite sports with a cold drink in hand. It’s just like vicariously being active through your favorite athletes. [More]
More and more people have been name-dropping this new form of workout all over the world, called the TRX Suspension Training. The X in the acronym may very well stand for “X-treme” as this workout [More]
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Women these days are more keen then men in finding ways to get rid of excess fat in their bodies. This is because women tend to lose weight slower than that of men. Searching for [More]
Most proponents of inversion therapy know that a teeter inversion table is top quality and one of the best inversion tables on the market. However, as the company has gotten more and more successful there [More]
Proponents of inversion therapy claim that an inversion table can promote health by lengthening the spine and therefore reliving back and neck pain as well as enhance circulation. It involves strapping your ankles into restraints, [More]