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  1. The BodyPower Revolution have the best of both worlds. Just twist the handle to select weight and lift out. Small weights = short length, large weights = longer length. I compared them all and these were by far the most user friendly.

  2. I think the Powerlock dumbbells are a lot more reliable and well built but they are hideous in terms of looks. Another option is the ironmaster dumbbells which also have there pros and cons.

  3. Thanks for the review. I would think that over time the Powerblocks would prove to be much more durable due to the simple mechanism. Have you found that to be the case or do you still standby your comment that both are equally durable?

  4. Brilliant review thanks very much – I think I'm going to go with PowerBlocks

  5. already at the first glace, bowflex seems better. Dumbbells r supposed to be round shaped. Toaster dumbbell, u can't rotate n that suks a lot. But then bowflex is too long, conventional dumbbell which allow u to add n take off plates r better for home use. Conclusion: both bowflex n powerblocks suks.

  6. I have both and both sets go up to 90lbs. I like the powerblocks better because there not to bulky plus I can purchase another addition to make the powerblocks go up to 130lbs. Bowflex offers financing which is good. Don't drop these wieghts so if your a person that gets to the last reps and drop the weights these are not for you. If you don't have enough room or don't want to take up a lot of room both these are good for that reason however powerblocks take up less room. Bowflex are easier and fast to change but the length doesn't change and may be hassle on certain exercises. Anyway I recommend Powerblocks over Bowflex and for powerblocks you can always buy 2.5lbs or 5 lbs wrist weights to make it easier and faster to adjust wieghts. Also using blowflex to bench with you will need gloves.

  7. I've got both the SelectTech and Powerblocks and I prefer the Powerblocks much more. The only 2 complaints so far with the Powerblocks is that it takes longer to select the weights as you have to remove the silver 1/2 weights to get 7 lbs or 5 lbs increments. The SelectTech is prone to breaking if you drop them and it doesn't feel natural using them, the weight is on the bottom of the dumb bell as opposed to evenly around the entire weights like the Powerblocks. You can't do overhead triceps using the Powerblock using both hands as there's limited space. Other than that the Powerblock has a much better handle, I don't have to use gloves when handling like I did with the Bowflex SelectTech due to the friction on them. So my choice is PowerBlock.

  8. These look like a gimmick. Thank you for the great review, it's made my decision very easy. Real weights it is.

  9. I have the Bowflex 1090,  IMO the Bowflex is more appealing the Powerblack looks like a toaster.  I've had the Bowflex for 7 months, never had a problem until recently, as I was working out I put the weight down on the floor and banged it a little, and I heard a noise as something moved within the weight. Now the dial doesn't turn and is stuck. Other then that, the weights never dropped, you just can't drop them on the floor or even bang them as you will break the mechanism. If you want to slam weights on the floor like an idiot get regular dumbells and show everyone how tough you are.

  10. david many thanks 4 the info..u r very professional in explaining the whole thing…thanks 2 u the differences r very clear now

  11. So with the power blocks can the pin cone out if you turn it on the wrong side?

  12. great review, you really pointed out important details that are not apparent until you buy the product (which is not cheap….)

  13. today got new powerblocks U33 Stage 1 + 2,
    i can do all my low weight exercises between 1 and 33lbs and would never drop them,
    25 different weight settings, this save alot space,
    love it!
    if you have the money you should buy it

  14. Both of them suck. Use your brain and buy a set of rubber plated dumbbell's. It will run you $700 or so and it will last longer than you will.

    These are plastic pieces of junk and for 2 pair of either you are looking at least $500.

    Easy choice.

  15. Great video – you answered all my questions and made it as entertaining as a product review on adjustable dumbbells could be. Thanks!

  16. As everyone else has said, one of the best reviews I have ever seen! Appreciate it, it was all on point mate, keep them coming!

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