Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells Review

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A balanced review of the Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells, including pros and cons. Good info for the home gym enthusiast!


Austin Ruzicka says:

accidentally took out one db with 15 locked on one side and 17.5 on the other. Very hard to put back in the shaft. still tinkering with it trying to get it to go in. Anyone else been successful with this problem? thanks

Jpegwun 420 says:

So one of these dumbbells ranges from 5-50lbs on each side of the dumbbell? Therefore, each dumbbell can max at around 100lbs?

sithlordsoup says:

just picked up a set. recommend getting normal dumbells too if you do rowing push ups

FW Ges. says:

I prefer to lift 20 oz. of Guiness. Gives me muscles as well and a lot less complicated.

alex braczynski says:

Lol, review video, yet doesnt pick them up

Mochaka Boom says:

Bulky as fawwwwk.  Which means less movement in exercise.  I'd feel like it would mess up with my posture in the future. 

I would stick with normal dumbbells since they're more compact.

Kevin Vences says:

Let's say you wanna put 27.5 do u have to 7.5 on one side n 20 on the other?

pixsie doll says:

you cant do pushups in them?? why? 

Apollo Kabukuru says:

Does anyone know how to unlock one when it gets stuck?

MightyMouse 327 says:

so is the total for each dumbbell is 100? since its 50 on each side?

Dave GB says:

would you recommend them or other dumbells?

Wooohu says:

Great review!

Sangrex2 says:

how safe do these feels? im worried the plates would fall off and hit me in the head.

cloud duwal says:

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lgadwords says:

If you're not going to use heavy weight then maybe these might do, but if you're looking for long term, durable and overall better design go with Powerblocks and thank me later.

5800ashu says:

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Megumi Rumiko says:

These dumbells arrived in perfect condition! Can't beat Prime free delivery considering the weight. Excellent space saving dumbbells.

Would Highly recommend, may not want to drop them, or beat them up like hex dumbbells, but worth it!

here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to16B6K9E

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