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  1. Great review Jeremy! Do you know exactly the brand name of this WalMart stand you purchased? I'm definitely looking for that!

  2. Thank you for the review — so hard to get the logistical perspective from many other clips Also, the comparison with the other product is helpful!

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  4. This is perfect for someone who wants to work out but hates a gym. Even at their price, they pay for themselves in just a few months compared to the cost of a gym membership.

    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to1fn4tBD

  5. Thanks man for your review, I was on the fence about these or the 1090's I just don't like the bulk of the 1090's these look great. I have powerblocks now for 15 years and they are excellent but limitations of no wrist curls kind of suck.

  6. Thanks for the great review! Just ordered these myself & look forward to using 'em!

  7. Yeah that was my initial thought when I actually held the 1090's with all the weight on them…THEY DUG BAD! More than likely, even though I love the Selecttech brand I'll probably upgrade to the Powerblocks that go up to 90 lbs. For some reason I LOVE the feel of the powerblocks and the fact that they're not as long as the bowflex weights which can impede some exercises.

  8. Good review. Beware of the 90's…..they got a serious knurl on them that makes them UNUSABLE out of the box, unless you've got gloves. Even then, they dig in! I'll have to tape them or file them down. Not too bad with lite weights, but anything over 50 & your hands will be crying! I do love 'em tho! Now at 58, they are perfect. I use to use 120lbs dumbless for rows, but the 90's will do now. Bowflex screwed this aspect up for sure.
    A big guy like you will outgrow these in no time!

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