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  1. Looks cheap needing to wiggle out. Have had bowflex for years still no issues.

  2. This isn't really vs bowflex as you haven't really tried the bowflex to compare it against.

  3. I have the bowflex selectech 1090's and think they are awsome I love em. I agree that the stand is pricey so I just built a box out of scrap 2×6's to set em on and it works great.

  4. Hey nice review very helpfull i been looking for a set like this but bowflex is seems too much money this seems like its works OK how is it holding up let us know thank you!

  5. Not really a comparison as I expected. I ended up with the Bowflex dumbbells and am happy with them.

  6. Stop shaking the camera to make a point about what your saying! Just say it and keep the camera still. Thanks for the review, I've been looking for a set of dumb bells for home use. The main draw back is the overall length of both types. 15" to 16" is just to long for weights under 25 pounds.  However the amount of space and cost for a all in one system is the payoff for size issues.

  7. This look nice! I like the selecting on this better than my turbobell.

  8. For those interested, Sears has had them available for $250 for quite a while, which is a good deal.  I paid $320 on Amazon, which was the best deal at the time.

  9. i have the bowflex and yes i agree dont drop them but……. they are real good adjustable dumbells, just dont toss them around…. bowflex; best money ive spent

  10. Have them branded as weider, 4 years with them not a single issue. The width is a small problem factor. And I love the grip.

  11. I've never seen Gold's or Epic before. I bought a set of these with a bench included for $349 at Costco about 6 years ago with the Weider brand on it. Identical but with red tabs and Weider logo on the stand. Interesting. They still work great btw.

  12. usually when someone does a comparison review, they have 2 products. This isn't a VS video, it's your review of the gold's dumbellls

  13. I bought the bow flex. i dont like that you do need a stand but other than that they are great and i have not had any issues and in no way do I plan on dropping them but crap happens. I think its all personal preference.

  14. Hey, can you do push ups with them? Like can you put your weight on the dumbbells without tweaking the plates? Thanks

  15. Had the bowflex ones (they broke) had these (they broke) too many intricate small parts. Now have the powerblocks and ironmasters and gosh they will last you forever. 

  16. Great review, especially since you demonstrated how the mechanism works. I like the fact that the mechanism is metal and not plastic. If I ever see them at the price you paid, I'll buy them in a heart beat.

  17. I agree with Angelene Davis great review, answered my questions and gave me a close look at the weights. Thanks man I ordered a couple days back and I'm glad I did.  

  18. I like the alternative; unfortunately I still need to wait a couple of years for the alternative to be heavy enough

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