Teen Boot Camp

A boot camp is a very strict, highly structured facility with staff that act
as drill instructors. Boot camps are usually state run correctional facilities where teens are sentenced by judges. Boot camps are only an option for teens in the criminal justice system. However there are a handful of boot camps that will take a defiant teen.

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  1. every kid that might be getting ready to be sent to a military academy this is fake as it gets the DIs dont scream like that they dont wear a patch saying bootcamp and thats not what you wear unless your in juvie i would know because im in JJAEP in gorgetown texas look it up if you dont believe me

  2. I dont like boot camp because I dont like to be yelled at because when people yell at me It hurts my feelings because IM only 3 years old

  3. I was gonna say the same fucking thing. not only is dudes uniform 8 kinds of fucked up. but how you gonna yell at a kid while you look like a bag of dicks and sound like an asshole in a hamster tube. shit like this makes our military look like shit… also dude is like 50 an only an e5. so huge failure, and also clearly a pog. 11b lead the way

  4. i have no brain, but i can scream loud, one two, one two, yes sire, yes sire, its so silly.

  5. This isn't going to work. When this is over, the kid will go right back to the shitty neighborhood/family where the problem started.

  6. This is fake. This is not in the US. The guy is wearing US fatigues. No Military Bootcamp wears a patch that says "BOOTCAMP"

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