First Day Of Boot Camp – Contraband Room, Barber Shop

U.S. Marine Corps recruits arriving at Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) San Diego, are taken into the contraband room and the barber during their first night of recruit training. Recruits were checked contraband items, received their first military haircut, and began recruit training.

If successful in training, these recruits will be transformed into basic Marines, representing the epitome of personal character, selflessness and military virtue.

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Credits: Sgt. John Lamb | Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego

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  1. I remember that first "haircut." LOL The good thing about it is that you weren't being cursed and slapped around (yes, they used to do that before the pussy generation we have now). The bad thing of course was having your head shaved in the long hair days. Another negative was not being able to recognize each other after everyone out of the chairs —- we didn't get head shaved until about the second day and had already begun to know each other. After the cuts, we couldn't find the guys we knew!

  2. I'm not too convinced when the DI can't even say the word "shit." If he can't even use childish vulgarity he sure as hell ain't going to hit you. Times have changed in the 40-years since I passed through that first experience. They would not only call you every name in the book, but would knock you the fuck out! I remember one guy mentioned getting hit to the Chaplain. Never forget the Chaplain's response; "Are they supposed to? No. Do they? Yes!" The physical abuse lightened up after one DI drowned a platoon in a nighttime crossing of a swollen creek at Parris Island. It cast a negative light on boot camp and initial military training in all the services. I would never be a DI these days — the way I see it, it's the fastest way to end your career because you said a "potty" word or some other bullshit.

  3. why would anyone join this club of complete retards instead of getting a job and doing sth with his life?

  4. I use to work at MCRD San Diego exchange 40 years ago. I was 17. It was a cool job.

  5. I'd much rather just finish college here and go in as an officer. Better pay, better lifestyle, better retirement. You only live once and we are all gonna die regardless so why not enjoy the most of it. That, and honestly wars are going to exist forever on this planet as Humans never learn from the past so therefore there's really no reason for me to take any unnecessary risk.

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